So nuts about you!!

A few weeks back, my friend Andrea from Dolce Drive posted a GREAT idea for a valentine’s day treat! Check it out! Then my brain started running a million miles a minute about a whole bunch of ideas for Valentine’s Day!! I came up with a little twist on Andrea’s FAB idea and came up with a Donut Cookie in a box! A simple round sugar cookies with the center cut out and iced like a donut. Then I bought classic Sweetheart candies and lined the bottom of a clear box and tied it with a red satin ribbon. The final touch…the cute little tag Andrea designed! This would be a cute gift for a teacher, and if you don’t have time to make cookies shaped into donuts, buy an actual donut! Just as yummy!! Enjoy and stay tuned for more Valentine’s Day ideas these next two weeks!!


4 thoughts on “So nuts about you!!

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