Valentine’s Day Party Inspirations.. :-)

Next week I’m hosting a small Valentine’s Day party for all the small sweethearts in my family! I’m really excited because I usually work with a larger group of kids for my events and don’t have time to get ALL my ideas out because they get lost! However, this time it is only 10 little ones and I’m storming up LOTS of ideas.. 🙂 I got my inspiration from this cute little Elephant Foam Craft Kit at Target and I’m working on a color scheme now.. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

As always, I look for inspiration in all kinds of places and have finally gotten down to all the planning for the party! Here are some of the links I went on to find inspiration…Hope you can get some too from these wonderful sites!

How cute are the Pink Lanterns hanging! —– Hostess with the Mostess: I Heart Valentine’s Day

Loving the AWNING on this one..I’ve always wanted to make one —— Kara’s Party Ideas: Cupid’s Post Office

Beautiful Printable Collection from The TomKat Studio—– TomKat Studio

Love it all! Can’t wait to share all the details soon for our little shindig!

Lilly ❤


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