So NUTS about you Elephant!!

I’m so EXHAUSTED after today’s Valentine’s Day party for the little Munchkins in my family, BUT I just had to post this! Remember the tags from Dolce Drive on the So Nuts about you post? Well, Andrea so kindly designed and printed some beautiful paper goods for the party! One of my favorite details of the party were the foam Elephants that I used as inspiration for color which I paired up with Nutter Butter cookies and couldn’t have been happier! Originally, I was going to bake and decorated Peanut shaped cookies but with all the party details I had to take care of, I ran out of time!! I ran into this last box of cookies at the store and I grabbed it right away! I knew it would work…but I didn’t know it would be so PERFECT!!! I just loved how they turned out!

How cute is this?!!! Each child had their elephant and cookies and their place setting… Defintely something adorable to make for treats for any Valentine!

Best part….Dolce Drive provided a FREE printable of the tags!!! Enjoy!

So NUTS over You

Lilly ❤


Heart Envelopes

Target’s $1 Section HAS to be one of my favorite places to go! They always have the cutest seasonal items and containers! Last week, I found a few things that I will be using for my upcoming Mini Valentine’s Day Party.. 😉 One of the seasonal items I found that I just loved was this pack of hearts that you fold into envelopes. Not only can you use them for Valentine’s day, but you can buy different kinds of cardstock and make birthday envelopes custom to a theme, or for a wedding, etc.

The only thing lacking in this kit was a tip on how to make sure you folded the lines correctly and at the right length. I used a cardstock to line up the heart and make sure my folds and creases were nice and straight…Here’s a quick step by step guide I did to help out.. 🙂

Can you guess?????

So I promised I would have two posts yesterday with ideas for Valentine’s Day but I couldn’t get around to the Second Post! Sorry! It was for good reason I promise! I was out gathering more supplies and inspiratation for the next 2 weeks before Valentine’s Day. For now, here is a little question to see how good of a guesser you all are… 🙂

Can you guess what I’m going to make with these supplies??!!!! If you think you have the answer, comment below..

Be Mine!

I love sweetheart conversation hearts, the look that is! I hate the way they taste!!! But there is something about the pastel colors, and the adorable messages that makes me want to buy them every year for Valentine’s day. Every year I go through the same dilemma of trying to figure out what to do with them. So this year, I finally did something with them that I have always wanted to do..Cookies!

I made these small cookies with a 1.5″ heart cutter, pastel colored fondant, and hot pink royal icing. If you’re not comfortable with Royal Icing, you could always buy edible Markers at Michaels and write the messages directly on the cookie. Check these cookies out! This was the first of ideas with these hearts, then I thought, “Well what else can I do with them??”…Use them as decor!

After having made the cookies, I was trying to think of cute ways to package them besides a cellophane bag with a ribbon (Still just as cute, but I wanted to find something different). I found these adorable mini take out boxes in the $1 Section at Target and loved their fun look so I pick up a few designs. They had squirrels with hearts, robots, little heart patterned boxes and some other cute designs as well.

First I filled the take out box about 3/4 of the way up with candy conversation hearts that I also bought at Target. Then, I slightly tucked in 2 cookies so that they were still fairly exposed. To finish it off, I added a turquoise ribbon and used a tag Andrea from Dolce Drive provided me with from her collection on her etsy shop…and Voila! A perfect sweet dessert for the kiddos on Valentines day!