Valentine’s Day Card Ideas!

Yesterday I posted the GREAT Deal over at Mojo Savings and I hope some of you took advantage of it.. However, I know some Mommas out there are like me and want to make some stuff for our kiddos.. So I went on a search and found some great ideas at another blog, Life in Wonderland!

Although I have always been a fan of the Drugstore printed Valentine’s Day Cards with all the kiddos’ favorite Characters on them, I’m sure all the Mommas out there are trying to think of something creative to give the students in classrooms. Well I found some that are sure to give a big “Whoaaa” from the kiddos and the mommas! Browsing through Life in Wonderland, I came across some CUUUUUTTTTTE Valentine’s Day Card ideas! Check them out! My Personal Favorite: “Dino Mite” Card!

Of course after all this CUTENESS, I went out to get inspiration to Party City and the Dollar Tree and came up with a few ideas.. stay tuned for them! 🙂

Lilly ❤


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